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Every Body Helping Hank Wimbleton Is an Covert Operation To Help Stop The AAHW! Ever Since The Agency Against Hank Wimbleton Has Called Action Chaos HAs Followed. It's Now Time For Normality And Justice!

                                              E.H.H.W Leaders: DJ Anderson a.k.a Blaze,Da Wasp.Laserforce,a.k.a Ares Shrike. Zeta A.K.A Danju Masumai.

                                                                                           Yumori Kashimimp Rin Zatsuken a.k.a Yumori (Deceased)

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Current Season: Season 1: Striking Back

Current Sub Plots

Yumori's Adventures (also known as:The Death)


Protagonists:(To be a protagonist,simply become a moderator or admin and above.Only the first one you made will be one)

Ares Shrike

Blaze Anderson

Yumori Zatsuken


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Minor CharactersEdit

(This is the list where people that joined,or inactive.Must have more than 40 posts to be a Major Character)

Blud D Mess


(People that wanted to be one,or if no one wants to be the antagonist,the said one will become controlled by an admin.)

Wiki RulesEdit

1.Dont be a little shit,no racism or bullying.Swearing, n word will result a one day ban.Though this does not apply to the characters.

2.Never overpower your character.This applies to everyone as well.

3. Do not post links that have bad content,such as screamwrs.Especially screamers.

4. Posting pornography,private parts and other things are not tolerated and will have a permanent ban. 5. Being an admin doesnt mean You Are God, post your reports to me (Yumori), Blaze,or Zeta.

6. Use grammar and spelling,be a smart guy.No one likes "Ai chapped of yo feet bich" as a sentence.

7. If its your first time Role Playng,like this was my first one,ask advice.

8. Making a character is cool,but please post them on its proper page.

9. To post a mission,you need to be a Moderator or Admin to post.The mission board will be posted soon.

10.When roleplaying, obey the tenets, unless yourr character is a traitor.The Tenets will be posted soon


Intros are only for protagonost. Back stories are different from Intros. Backstories will be made soon.

Yumori's Intro

September 23 2003,

This was the beggining of my journey. I was slacking in the couch, and Shin knocked on  my door, I opened it, he said there was a commotion

I came there, and I saw it take Fei, then Ed, Rune, then Shin, and me. 

I tried to stop it, it didn't give up. Its shine was to strong. As its gleaming power takes me away,

I blacken out. My name is Yumori Zatsuken, and this world, must be saved.

Zeta's Intro

June 24th 2012,

I am sick of running from the AAHW so I accepted the request to join the EHHW.

I have known DJ for 2 years and he knows what the AAHW has done to me they must pay.

We need to protect the world from the AAHW or it will be destroyed.