Here You Can Add Pictures Of Your Characters, Fan Art, Etc. Just Be Creative!

here's a redo of my drawing:

the name at the bottem is a chinese translation of my name.

Da Wasp>(sting XD) out!

Heatherelric hank-wallpaper

my sister and me made dis and posted it in google

heres mine

-Yumori R.K Zatsuken

here's a few more of mine: the auditor one i changed a bit, i made his eyes darker, and made his head flames a bit darker as well.

Da Wasp>(sting XD) out!

EDIT: heres another one, i uploaded it for the EHHW and you forum, so yea, not mine, but i uploaded it:

These are your commander's, you will obay them and follow their orders, if you don't, i will figure out what happens to you...