Jastic gottes forlec

This book is for teaching and helping Demons and Audits-(shadow people, auditor is an example) to help them fix themselfs into social lives, which is very difficult, look at DJ for an example, how do you think he fits into society? HE DOESN'T,  he's been stuck at the facility because after what happened he can't have a normal life, plus with Alec and Trinity(Son and Daughter) being the same, ask DJ for help, and be nice, he's been through alot lately, with being stuck with the medics in the facility.

This book will snd you to a secure part of hell, one that the A.A.H.W hasn't taken, and wont anytime soon, its our hell base, the demons there will help you, by the way, don't call the Shadow People Endermen, they hate it.

Basics are getting to know your powers

Advanced is getting to battle train with your powers

Hell Death is when your training is complete, and you get to destroy an A.A.H.W facility in hell, which will send you back to our facility.

The portal is located at the lab,the guards are there,tell them that you are a demon,they will tell you to go to the Infirmary,the doctors will extract some of your demon blood (e.g Draconian Blood,whatever kind of demon you are)

Okay,when you got back to the Mortal Plane,this is gonna teach how to be normal like them.

1.Be normal,don't be an idiot that likes something that doesnt even exist,also dont be rude to someone,in case they do something to you,if its physical,punch him without using your powers,if its verbal,insult him,just dont use FUS RO DAH on him.

2.Get your emotions humanlike,do not be inhuman,it will only backstab you on your balls,since they will only be weird upon you.

3.Try to look like a person,use your magic