This page is for those who are MIA and for info for the newbs on traitors all admin moderators or ares may add as many MIA and traitors as they wish. Project zeta (talk) 14:57, March 8, 2013 (UTC)


TERMINATE squad (deals with the killing and Tragging):DJ, Cyrono MK4 units 1 and 2(DJ's personal guards), Zeta, Deimos(fully restored), Ares and a new guy called Jacob(hint, he may be a 14 year old kid, but underestimate him and it will be the last thing you do, he is DJ's other son, not the same one that appeared at the beast hangout.)

Trag Squad(deals with the easier trag missions): Leader: Alec Crewmembers: OJ, Reject Agents 1-5(the terminator shade ones) and Cryono MK4 unit 3(the third MK4 unit, not one of DJ's guards, but just as important)


Trag and Retrive: Knife Party Computer virus, has taken one of our agetns for a joyride while he was reciving an upgrade, the agent is call Mack Johnsonburg, use a trag dart to knock him out so we can remove virus. Also Beta Zeta's brother and former squadmate if you see him report it to me or nico or DJ.

Kill on sight: Any cryono MK3 modal, the MK4's are alot different looking, but they know how to kill them easily, talk to one of them for advice.

Kill On Sight: Any Yumori clone, these dopplegangers are clones of YUmori.They are different, you can see that they have no scar on his left neck.BEWARE:Though, these guys or robots are clones These things are very dangerous, Full force of the Terminate squad is needed.And kill them fast, as they turn into demon mode too.