'The auditor needs to be stoped' keeps going through my head, i cant stop it, i want to stop the words going in and out of my head, but i cant, i'm driving along a dusty road, my base is hidden undeground, i live there alone, no one would want to be with me, and i cant trust anyone, i had all but two friends, and i will leave their names out for their protection, dont know who could be listening in, i want this war to stop, to many people dieing, their coming today, my friends, the war is slowing down, and we are going to end it, and and the others can do what they want, but we will do something differnt, we will be hitting the sorce, nexus, they did their best, now we will finish it, it will be hard, given go3lems are everywere, soldats are there cleaning up, and they re-made mag agent N, we will be in for hell, but it will be better then sitting around doing nothing, here they come, better get ready.