Black hole of glory hell!, after getting ready, we set off, and then things took a turn for the worst, we met up with agent trucks, we took care of that, we got off of my armored bus, went inside, and guess what was waiting for us, as i said, GO3LEM's and soldats everywere, we turned off the com's tower that we were after, but the ride back was hell, soldats everywere, we took a boat across the lake(which appered out of nowhere) and took off, finding a TAR-21 in the back, one of my friends took it and started shooting the soldats following, then a helicopter came along, all i could think was "shit". the heli went down quick, even though he missed most of the shots, and the guy in the heli had a TAC-50, we escaped into the back, i had a secret cave leading to the back of my hideout, the front exit was in the desert, the back was in the lake, we got into the base and one of my "infomants" was there, he had info on where the co-leader of AHHW was, to bad he didn't have much, so he didnt last long, my word is: "if you dont have good information, you eather run and don't come back, or die right there, right then." and it works, well.