Day 1: Meets the A.A.H.W for the first time, learning from a few Grunts that My brother, Hank, Has been slaughtering them.

Day 2: I think things over whether i should follow in my brothers footsteps

Day 3: I deside I should, I head toward a nearby Army recuitment so I can gain skills

Day 4 to 3 years: Learnt all the skills and managed to not get killed.

3 Years 2 Days: I head toward the Nearest A.A.H.W Base, I've killed 70 people, In the end I was killed

3 Years 5 Days: The Higher powers are pleased with my Progress, They revive me.

3 Years 3 months 17 Days: Attacks another A.A.H.W base, Managed to Kill 80 this time around, 20 more were killed by some unknown force before my eyes. Was Killed again.

3 years 3 months 18 Days: Was Brought back to life again. Nevada is Dark, after about wondering for 16 hours, it was still dark.

3 years 6 months 13 Days: I discover I've gained powers while attacking another faclity, this increased my kill count from 65 to 157.