Yumori Kashimimo Rin Zatsuken

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  • I live in Somewhere in Asia
  • I am Teh Yumori
  • Yumori Kashimimo Rin Zatsuken

    May 10 1996: Born in Calibur

    September 25 2000: Winter Vs. Zatsuken Clan happened Managed to kill all that made it to our clan house Counting from 235 and Received masumane

    January 14 2002: Dragons came back to Shinto Universe

    March 27 2002:The leader of the zatsuken clan got kidnapped.

    February 12 2003:Demons go to the human universe and so people and living things in shinto

    February 15 2003:The A.H.H.W group began and the zombie appocalypse and managed to survive with no home and got to demons house also from the Zatsuken family

    Feb 13 2003:Got teleported here.

    May 15 2005: Will become the heir of the zatsuken clan

    MArch 2009: People ge t less

    August 2012:Joins the E.H.H.W

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  • Yumori Kashimimo Rin Zatsuken

    From now on I say that shin is a new member and one of the demons 

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  • Yumori Kashimimo Rin Zatsuken

    Day 42-Day 47 Going to aid Da Wasp from total excecution in a jet with Nico and Deadeye,Deadeye didnt maked it and got saved by Da Wasp,Fought Cryono Mk2.

    Day 48-Finally got to base,Found that Nico was kidnapped.

    Day 49-Found out that they were holding Nico hostage in the radio tower.Killed the super soldier.

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  • Yumori Kashimimo Rin Zatsuken

    Day 1:Just got hired,I dont know what to do here or there just stayed there like a sitting duck

    Day 2:Stayed at home because of school.

    Day 3:Cutted a class to go to work,received Eminence's data

    Day 4- Day 10:Practiced some martial arts.

    Day 11:1st college school year is over.

    Day 12:Got captured by agents while sleeping.Broke out of truck and killed them while travelling.

    Day 13-Day 20:Played Happy Wheels and didn't go to work.

    Day 21-Day 40:Done nothing.

    Day 41:Met Nico at Market M

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