May 10 1996: Born in Calibur

September 25 2000: Winter Vs. Zatsuken Clan happened Managed to kill all that made it to our clan house Counting from 235 and Received masumane

January 14 2002: Dragons came back to Shinto Universe

March 27 2002:The leader of the zatsuken clan got kidnapped.

February 12 2003:Demons go to the human universe and so people and living things in shinto

February 15 2003:The A.H.H.W group began and the zombie appocalypse and managed to survive with no home and got to demons house also from the Zatsuken family

Feb 13 2003:Got teleported here.

May 15 2005: Will become the heir of the zatsuken clan

MArch 2009: People ge t less

August 2012:Joins the E.H.H.W