Yumori's adventures are only for yumori.THis is a story of Yumori  that happened to him in hell.

Glorius in Battle So In Death

Hell Raven:Welcome to hell I will let you talk to Sieguies our master.

Yumori:So I was in hell.

Sieguies:Welcome to hell this is the place where half dead demons meet and dead people also meet

Yumori:Yeah yeah Ok now what will I do?

Sieguies:You will release a Legendary Cthulu and Its Sword.

Yumori:I was just destroying a nuke.How did I end up releasing satanic creatures and a fuc**ng sword?

Sieguies:because you're half dead

Yumori:Ok i will release it. *Thinks goddamn wat the hell iam i doin here?*Of course that will be easy im in hell.

Sieguies:well your are gonna find it in a zombie appoalypse with no powers.But you will gain it back when you got to the cthulu.NOW BEGONE!

  • yumori teleports to an abandoned motel*

???:You there get up!

???:Who the hell are you!?

Yumori:I am yumori not a bandit.we need to release a legendary Cthulu so the appocalypse will end.

Lee:Okay..My names lee where do we find it ?



Ben:Calm down lilly.we may be shortaged by food but someone is stealing it.

Kenny:Hey guys im back from scavenging.

Lilly:What is wrong with you kenny that is so few!

Kenny:Well say it to my ass.The Pharmacy is f**king down!

Clementine:Hey mister can I know your name?

Yumori:Its Yumori Zatsuken.Lee who are they?

Lee:This is clementine,One over there is Katjaa the guy on the rv is Ben,The man with the backpack is kenny.Two over there is Duck and Doug.And that one is Lilly.

Yumori:Can Ijoin the group?

Lee:Yeah you can.

When Drugs Attack

(This is only the other survivors talking.Yumori not included)

Doug:Hey Lee, talk to me upstairs Ill se you there it needs to be private.

Lee:Yeah in a second.Ben keep an eye out bandits may attack the wall again.

  • Ben nods*

Doug:Lee you need to tell em.

lee:Tell em what?

Doug:About your past,you murdered someone by accident and tell them.


Doug:Lilly may get angered and shout it out like a siren,but say it to someone you trust so they wont be shocked.

Lee:SOunds like a plan.

DOug;Yeah see you later.


Lee:Clem I need to tell you something

Clementine:what is it?

Lee:About my past,I murdered someone that slept with my wife,I accidentally murdered him.

Clem:it doesnt matter anymore, I understand it.


Lee:hey kenny I need you to tell you something.

Kenny:Yeah what is it?

Lee:I murdered someone, he slept with my wife but in the fight I accidentally killed him.

Kenny:Well its ok, its best tobe honest than a liar.what is done IS done.


Lilly:Hey lee come inside.


Lilly:Someone theres a traitor.In our own group,he or she stole this supplies,that guys is making a deal with the bandits.I found this. *Lilly shows a paper bag filled with meds*

Lee:When drugs attack,someone steals?

Lilly:Yes, and what the heck?


Goodbye my Friend

???:Uhh sir? Is this the guy?

???:Yeah, Biscuit , we got a high class here.

Biscuit:Yeah he shall proceed to go to...Ughh, whatever that crap is.Thanks, Zek.

Zek:No problem, Biscuit.

-Yumori is being dragged to training room-

Yumori:Huh....What is goin on?

Biscuit:Welcome to AHHW, ur gonna be a part, were gonna kill the bad...You know what I mean.

yumori:Okk....Now what?

biscuit:To the training room,were gonna see what is gonna happen


Biscuit:Hey Shark, is it ready?

Shark:Bet it is, This thing is gonna work now.

Biscuit:Hey Yumori,you ready? Pick a gun you like, dest...Woah nice sword man

YUmori:Its called masumane..

-Yumori enters the room-

Shark:How many droids?

biscuit:20 of the easy ones, 15 of the blowing bastards and 5 of the giants.

Shark:Ok....20% on the making,Generating weapons, making the blow bots.Puttinng steroids on the giant,idiot bastards.

Yumori:Piece of cake

-Yumori slices one and a huge blade appears-


Shark:frickin hell...

Shark:Finished in five seconds...REALLY

YUmori:Theyre too weak.

-On the next day-

Yumori:Hey mann, so tell me , whos on the soda's today?

Biscuit:Shark's gonna be the one, he betted that if you do not finnish in less than 5 seconds,he'd buy sodas.

Yumori:Hey-What the hell?

Biscuit:Crap, lets hit the bell


Biscuit: I am being suspicious about these... these guys!Operations there and here.

Yumori:So its evil!

Biscuit:Yea, and we need to escape now,screw the sodas lets get shark!

-later on.. Yumori hears some gunshots from sharks office-

Biscuit:SHARK<SHARK You okay?!!?!?!? -dies-


Biscuit:comeon lets go, no need to waste time, we need to get out,NOW!

Yumori:Ok,oh crap!

???:we thought you were good and loyal,suppose to not b- -shot is heard-

-they both get out of the floors,escaping through the main hallway-

Zek:Fall dark in THE VOID!!!

-the floor  cracks and Biscuit is hanging-

Yumori:Grab my hand!

Biscuit:Don't care, let go! Save yourself..NOW!

Yumori:You know i wont do that,right?!?!?!?!

Biscuit:THere's no choice.Goodbye Yumori. -lets go of yumori's hand-


Yumori:You...... BURN IN HELL!!!

-Zek disappears-


-Yumori leaves the building-

Motel Power

Yumori;Well my dream is crazy who da hell is Biscuit and Shark?Well screw-What the-


Lilly:Go distract them while I snipe em all.

Lee:HEY!theres a little misanderstanding here,We can continue the trade!

(im not gonna continue the Lee Everett storyline,Its from The Walking Dead,I have no ownership on the whole game,its owned by TellTale Games,if you want me to continue,just watch a playthrough of it at youtube.)

Yumori:What the hell,the bandits are attacking,well at least I escaped..

(I have little time to finish this so im gonna continue it next time)

Near The End

Yumori:Man,I cant believe it,theres no damn Cthulu when he informed me yesterday.

Yumori runs over a zombie on his truck,and sees a horde.


Yumori runs over the horde,covering his armored truck with blood.


Yumori,finally having a signal from Sieguis,alerts him that he is nearby.

Yumori:Hell yea!I can finally go back...


Yumori:Zombie bullshit,those were too many.Ohhhhhhhhhhh,what a shiny,long ass sword!Hey Sieguis!I found the damn crap!

Sieguis:okay,Ill teleport you here.

Yumori gets teleported

Sieguis:Finally,the time has come,with this I can finally ruin the whole multiverse!As you can see,I wish to fight you,and then destroy the multiverse,the planes,and their people..As I promised,I have given your powers back.

Yumori:Damn assholes..

End Of The Line Part 1

Yumori:Aw comeon..

Yumori unsheates his sword and walks to the castle

Yumori,slices a Hellven and blasts it outta his way using Gust Of Wind.Yumori proceeds to a somewhat kind of gate.

Yumori:Get outta here.

Grud Strike:As of hell if that happens,you can glue your lips to my ass if you want to.

Yumori:I frickin trusted you,you die second.


Yumori gets hit by a disintegrate and survives,not even reacting.

Yumori:I dont get affected by that anymore,but hey its here.

Grud:Here what?



Yumori:Crap.Now i get swarmed.

Grud:I.....will make my brothers kill you...


End of the Line Part 2

(It's been clearly months since my last edit.)

Yumori, after clearing the castle, realizes the Sieguies was clearly behind him, and punches the heck out of him. Yumori retaliates, kicking him off.

"I guess you want to kill me, for killing some of your crooks and stuff?"

Sieguies remains silent, only focusing on the battle, and makes a move. A solid hit. Sieguies tackles Yumori with a sword, fortunately, the sword is Yumori's sword, and everyone knows he can't get harmed by it. Yumori, feeling lucky, strikes a kick in Sieguies's face. Eventually putting that red mark in his face. 

"Not bad, bu-" Yumori tackles Sieguies near the window, with them crashing through his room, and to the hallway. With their bodies marked with glass, he stabs Sieguies with a glass shard, making him bleed in his arm. However, Sieguies, manages to kick Yumori off to the ledge, but the railing didn't break. Lucky Yumori.

"Oh crap, oh crap oh crap" Yumori reacts to the rail almost breaking, Sieguies takes advantage and tackles him, eventually breaking the rail and making them fall down the whole stairs. 

"You screwn it all up, Sieg, just what I-" Yumori lands in the ground, the fall wasn't that fatal, but the same cannot be said from Sieguies. Sieguies is impaled by the broken rail. Sieguies is dead.

After a few minutes, a portal opens, possibly to take Yumori. It pulls Yumori off the ground, but he forgot his sword. "Oh shit.." Yumori utters from losing it.


The gravedigger, well, digs through Yumori's grave yo find him breathing. Not a single decay. The gravedigger fainted from too much.

" You okay?" No answer. However, he finds a gun, and finds the part of the base completely obilerated. 

"Something's odd..." Yumori questions to himself. What could it mean? Would his comrades play tricks on him? Eventually, he goes to his room.

[THE END OF SUBPLOT NO.1] (Note: WOuld be a few minutes till starting to type in BH.)