This is a collection of what I knew that were Yumori's weapons when he lived, Edward will reveal more I presume.


Masumane: In the demon world was a future of Earth, except it was 5x larger, and full of demons. Yumori named it as a rip-off of Sephiroth's sword in Final Fantasy

Bayou: I dont really fu***** know what does Bayou mean, but Ed told me that it was stolen by the Briars, which is their enemy.

Shingetsuji: A tomahawk or a sword, I don't really know, because it transforms into a sword or a tomahawk.

Long Range WeaponsEdit

Kurei: Also known as the Get Back Here weapon, it is like Sanford's hook, except its a Chain Sickle.

FN- FAL : I upgraded this weapon to be a semi-automatic sniper.


I was too lazy to group them anyway, so I put others,

S&W Revolver: Highly powered beast,also known  to be Your Problem.

Lucille: Basically a Machine Gun in the demon world, Shin seems to always carry Yumori's guns back in the demon world.

Charlotte: Highly powered sniper, Yumori seems to like using it even at close range.

~Page 20 of Nico's journal`